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Showing, not just telling.

by Owen Davies
24 Mar

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic, clearly we need to be extremely cautious about venturing outside but if, like me, you have been out for a daily walk round your neighbourhood (respecting social distancing of course) you might notice something new and interesting. Drawings and paintings are springing up all over the place, displayed on windows and doors. These images, created by children, show vibrant rainbows often with some positive and inspiring words like ‘be brave’, ‘stay safe’ or ‘spread the colour’.

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5 ways to revamp your B2B social media accounts

by Michael Madden
22 Nov

Let's be honest, we have all started business social media channels with the best of intentions only to find ourselves struggling to keep up with the constant demand for content, engagement and growth.

Social media is a key factor in building your brand, but it can be hard to find the time needed to produce the required level of 'stuff' to fill the gaps. The year is now approaching its end so now could be the perfect time to revamp your social media accounts ahead of 2020. 

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Make good, strategic, rational decisions about your brand.

by Peter Lyall
09 Apr

The fundamental challenge that we have when applying reason to the subject of brand is that great brand is great emotion. And this gives us a dichotomy, which is neatly summed up in a strategic principle that I apply called, 'Making Thinking Visible.' Without the rational, in-depth, analytical, left-brain approach, it is hard to have the right positioning and messaging associated with a brand in a creative, emotional space.

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Fifth Ring Houston’s Time Capsule to Be Opened In 08/08/28

by Fifth Ring
23 Aug

The Fifth Ring Houston team recently buried a time capsule in celebration of its 10th anniversary. The time capsuleto be opened on 08/08/28is meant to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and envision the future. Below is the message that the time capsule contained.

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Fifth Ring Houston Makes its Own Luck

by Ian Ord
26 Jul

Cross your fingers. Make a wish. Knock on wood. These acts of hope are so old that we don’t even know how they started off the top of our head. Of course we know it doesn’t have a direct impact on any outcomes, but it’s the spirit behind them that seems to make a difference in the moment.

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Why the online giants are big on paper

by Alan Stobie
19 Jul

Where it’s widely regarded that the majority of the ad industry has been focusing on digital ad platforms, there’s something interesting going on.

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Paws for thought

by Kayleigh Parkinson
22 Jun

As a dog lover, Bring Your Dog To Work Day ticked all of our accounts assistant, Kayleigh’s boxes. Here, she shares why dogs are great to have in the workplace, as well as five considerations you may need to think about.

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The most important thing modern CEOs are doing to strengthen their brand

by Alan Stobie
07 Feb

It’s an interesting world out there for the modern CEO in the world of oil and gas. Not only has the economic environment altered, technology has changed how buyers behave as well. It’s no longer enough to continue saying the same things to the same people in the same manner – and that presents its own challenges, regardless of the price of a barrel of oil.

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