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Globalization: One Strategy Doesn't Fit All

by Haley Martin
14 Apr

The goal of a marketing strategy is to connect with your audience. But people around the world have vastly different wants and needs. There are countless cultures to be mindful of. Some people may see 100 marketing messages a day and others may see 1,000.

So whether you’re reading this on the sofa, at a desk in your makeshift study or trying get some work done while at the same time avoiding the kids as you work from home, below are four aspects of your global strategy that you should be regionalizing:

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4 Types of Creative Content to Boost Your Social Media Performance

by Haley Martin
13 Apr

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with social media marketing. After writing social media again and again, it can start to feel a little stale.

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10 Tips to Build a Content Strategy to Grow Your Business

by Haley Martin
09 Apr

You know the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”? Well, the same applies to content. Today holds the most content there ever has been, and also the least there ever will be again.

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How to engage participants during your video conferences

by Stevie Brown
31 Mar

With over a decade of broadcast experience, business manager Stevie Brown shares some insight from the world of entertainment, and how we can apply these principals to business video conference calls.  

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Should I hire a marketing agency or a marketing team?

by Michael Madden
03 Mar

Should you hire a marketing agency or expand your marketing team? When it comes to growing your business, this can be a tough call to make.

Now, as the Fifth Ring marketing manager, I'll confess to being a bit biased on the issue. However, having worked in-house and hiring marketing agencies over the course of my career, I've experienced the highs and lows of both options. 

So with that in mind, I'm going to get off my agency soapbox and give you an honest breakdown of the benefits of in-house and agency hiring. 

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Building Engagement with the 'Always On'

by Fifth Ring
13 Jan

The world around us has changed, our lives are becoming increasingly busy and we are now living in an age of 'always on.'

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Six reasons journalists are ignoring your press release & how to fix it

by Andy Groundwater
09 Aug

It’s frustrating putting a shedload of work into something only to see it not get picked up by anyone. Calls with clients, draft after draft, arranging pictures and then nothing. Not even a centimetre of coverage.

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What the SEO cold callers don't tell you

by Michael Madden
15 Jul

Are we on the first page of Google? Have we made it to the top? How do we get there? Is our SEO strategy working? Does our digital marketing strategy convert to sales?

These are all questions that we are asked on a regular basis. But do you actually know the answers? 

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Climate Change: Are we Taking our Foot off the Gas?

by Andrew Bradshaw
11 Jul

Recent debates have placed the climate change challenge at the front and centre of the international news agenda as organisations around the world re-examine their strategies in the context of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Why your digital marketing campaign isn't getting results and how to fix it


In our previous article, we looked at why your digital marketing strategy isn't working and how you can fix it. Once your robust digital marketing strategy and buyer personas are in place, then it’s time for the big campaign to go live.

But what if it isn’t an overnight viral sensation? And weeks later, you still don’t have any real results? 

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