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This is why your digital marketing strategy isn't working (oh, and how to fix it).


If you often find yourself sitting in a meeting room with your colleagues wondering why you're not getting any new clients when you're spending a ton of money on online ads, then it's time to stop and face the music.

Your digital marketing strategy isn't working.

This is more common than you think, but don't worry because it can be resolved.

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Emergency Response the art of staying calm in a crisis

by Fifth Ring
13 Feb

When organisations hire public relations firms their first thought is often how the consultants can help them gain visibility in the first instance and, if everything goes according to plan, how to gain favourability in the long term.

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It’s exciting times for subsea – don’t be sunk by outdated marketing

by Andrew Bradshaw
04 Feb

The three-year downturn in oil and gas, which started mid 2014, was felt throughout the industry. But it was arguably in the subsea sector that the impact was felt most.

In every corner of the world, one high-cost project after another was shelved or abandoned as subsea budgets were hit hard in favour of the less expensive and ‘quick win’ alternatives offered by North American shale.

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The key challenges facing the energy industry of the future.

by Andrew Bradshaw
22 Jan

An impending shortfall in oil supply, a 25 percent increase in energy demand by 2040, the dramatic rise of electricity and a global collective failure to tackle greenhouse gas emissions are some of the key points in the recently-published World Energy Outlook 2018 from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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The best independent agency in Scotland

by Michael Madden
21 Jan


The results are in and we have been ranked the top Scottish agency in the Drum Independent Agency Census (68th in the UK). 

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All you need to know about inbound marketing


Inbound marketing. You may have heard the term already but do you really know what it is?  

Here are five questions we often get asked about inbound marketing.

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Fifth Ring joins BBN partner agencies in winning engagement with Yokogawa

by Fifth Ring
15 Jan
Along with two other BBN partner agencies, Fifth Ring has been selected by industrial automation company Yokogawa, Fifth Ring’s first Japanese client, to design and execute a demand generation marketing campaign in the Asia Pacific (APac) and North America regions. 
The initial engagement with Yokogawa will see Fifth Ring collaborating with BBN partner agencies ImpactM of Japan and GetIT Comms of Singapore. BBN is an agency-owned organization with partner agencies in more than 27 countries around the world—all utilizing a highly-effective, uniform and structured approach to brand strategy, marketing and creativity. 
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Are you Looking for the Right Employees in all the Right Places?

by Fifth Ring
14 Jan

The overall oil & gas industry continues to see growth these days, and with that growth comes an increased focus on attracting the best and brightest employees. In order to attract the best, companies need to pay particular attention to their story, where to tell it and to whom to tell it.

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Stop start growth creates supply chain confusion

by Andrew Bradshaw
07 Jan

There is across the board recognition that the cyclical oil and gas industry, which has been characterised by a series of peaks and troughs throughout its history, is now out of the worst from the most recent downturn and is starting to look up once more.

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