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Negotiation: How compassion can decode emotion & unlock the deal

by Stevie Brown
24 Jun

Much like driving, most of us probably like to think we’re above average when it comes to negotiating. After all, negotiations are an essential part of business and many of us do it every day with our customers, suppliers, partners and even colleagues. But when the pressure is on and the stakes are high, negotiations can reach deadlock, misinterpretations can occur, conflict can spiral out of control and money can be left on the table.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations, Internal Communications, Sales team

How to communicate during a pandemic

by Stevie Brown
17 Mar

As billions of people around the globe try and establish how best to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, three fundamental factors are making communication with stakeholders difficult.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations, Strategy, Internal Communications

Effective messaging that's relevant to your audience

by Chris Wolf
22 Apr

When engaging in conversations that are meant to be persuasive or to influence your listener’s actions (for example, a sales pitch, an email campaign, or a call to action), your goal should be that your listener both receives and retains your message. The first step in achieving this is to tell them what they need or want to hear, not simply what you want to say. This is also true, and fundamentally more urgent, in a crisis communications situation. It’s human nature to more effectively receive information that is relevant and timely to us.

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7 Steps to Crisis Communications

by Fifth Ring
26 Apr

It took less than 15 minutes for an issue at United Airlines to turn into a corporate crisis. Thanks to multiple smartphone videos that captured a confrontation between security and a passenger on board United Flight 3411, this is a global story that continues to gain attention.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations

Emergency Response: the art of staying calm in a crisis

by Fifth Ring
30 Apr

When organisations hire public relations firms their first thought is often how the consultants can help them gain visibility in the first instance and, if everything goes according to plan, how to gain favourability in the long term.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations, Emergency Response