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Negotiation: How compassion can decode emotion & unlock the deal

by Stevie Brown
24 Jun

Much like driving, most of us probably like to think we’re above average when it comes to negotiating. After all, negotiations are an essential part of business and many of us do it every day with our customers, suppliers, partners and even colleagues. But when the pressure is on and the stakes are high, negotiations can reach deadlock, misinterpretations can occur, conflict can spiral out of control and money can be left on the table.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations, Internal Communications, Sales team

How to brief your sales team. Before you make an exhibition of yourself.

by Michael Madden
06 May


The only thing worse than having no sales team, is having a poorly briefed one, because they won’t make you any money, but they will cost you.

So, how do you build a sales team that is high impact?

The answer is properly briefing your sales person (or team) to ensure they are well equipped to have conversations with your prospects, articulate the value of your event, and close the sale.

A well-briefed sales team is the key to an effective exhibition.

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Seven top tips for tradeshow success

by Fifth Ring
13 Jul

With ONS, one of Europe’s largest energy trade shows, just around the corner, companies from across the world will flock to Norway striving for the attention of prospective clients. 

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