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Trade show media meets made easy.

by Debbie Ho
11 Jun

Planning to make an announcement at a trade show? Showcasing a cool new product? Got a story to tell?

If this is your first time approaching the media for meetings at your booth, we have some tips on how you can effectively do so. And, perhaps gain new relationships that will last even after the show.

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What you need to know ahead of OGA 2019.

by Sue Xia
11 Jun

Oil and Gas Asia is fast approaching. So ahead of this years show we have pulled together some quick facts about the event. Read on and get prepared for this years show.

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Andrew joins energy think tank.

by Fifth Ring
16 Apr

We are delighted to announce that our head of energy insight Andrew Bradshaw has been selected to join the Energy Leadership Platform - the world's first think tank for senior communications professionals working across the energy industries. 

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Emergency Response the art of staying calm in a crisis

by Fifth Ring
13 Feb

When organisations hire public relations firms their first thought is often how the consultants can help them gain visibility in the first instance and, if everything goes according to plan, how to gain favourability in the long term.

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The key challenges facing the energy industry of the future.

by Andrew Bradshaw
22 Jan

An impending shortfall in oil supply, a 25 percent increase in energy demand by 2040, the dramatic rise of electricity and a global collective failure to tackle greenhouse gas emissions are some of the key points in the recently-published World Energy Outlook 2018 from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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The Age of Earned

by Hannah Rumbles
21 Dec

This is the age of earned. In recent times, there has increasingly been more focus on digital marketing for owned and paid media with the ability to accurately measure the result of our campaigns. But with public relations moving at a greater pace than anyone else in marketing and communications – turbo charged by digital, our skills are more relevant than ever. But we need to move fast to take advantage!

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Why You Should Enter More Awards

by Michael Madden
19 Nov

"Something that is conferred or bestowed especially on the basis of merit or need."

That's the Oxford dictionary definition of the word "award." And for such a brief description, it packs a lot of punch - especially with the "merit" part. After all, we all love merit-based recognition, especially at work. 

The last couple of months have proven to be a bountiful for the Fifth Ring trophy cabinet as we welcome nine new additions to the collection from four awarding bodies. In this blog we take a look at some of our recent award wins.

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How a Creative Marketing Agency Functions Like the Oil and Gas Industry

by Haley Ruddle
03 Jul

One has a focus on the messy world of the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, and involves heavy engineering and geology, machinery, tubes and pipes. The other specializes in branding, the digital world, SEO and media. Some people may assume one may be more left-brained than right-brained – but they’d be wrong.

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7 Steps to Crisis Communication

by Fifth Ring
26 Apr

It took less than 15 minutes for an issue at United Airlines to turn into a corporate crisis. Thanks to multiple smartphone videos that captured a confrontation between security and a passenger on board United Flight 3411, this is a global story that continues to gain attention.

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