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How to get more from your next marketing campaign

by Michael Madden
02 Sep

If you want to generate more sales, you need to master the basics of marketing.

It’s 2020, information is free and we all hate being sold to. So how can you convince the market to buy your product or service?

Great marketing is persuasive. As a marketer you are not judged on how beautiful your campaign creative is or how clever your SEO strategy has been developed. Your success is determined by the amount of revenue you generate from your efforts. In business, the most important metric is measured in dollars.

So how do you launch marketing campaigns that get people to open their wallets? Is there a magic ingredient?
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Are we destined for a new era of “business innovation”?

by Michael Madden
24 Jun

What if I told you that IKEA’s top selling product isn’t a piece of furniture? It is a meatball…

Each year the popular Swedish furniture maker sells 150 million meatballs, dwarfing the sales of its top furniture product, the “Billy” bookcase.

From a business and marketing perspective, this is fascinating. A furniture store’s number one product isn’t furniture at all…

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A guide to B2B marketing in a post-Coronavirus world

by Michael Madden
26 Mar

Businesses throughout the world are facing new challenges as the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic starts to hit home. 

In order for B2B businesses to keep the lights on, we all need to work smarter to tackle the challenges ahead.

During uncertain times, businesses are tightening budgets, making sure investments are worth it and looking at ways to innovate and become even more efficient at delivering products and services. It is likely that the marketing budget is one of the first to be cut. We saw this during the oil and gas downturn, and we can expect to see this again during the Coronavirus fallout. But that is a short-term fix that will have long-term consequences. Maintaining visibility is essential for long-term profitability and continued investment. 

Your customers are still spending money. They don't want to spend carelessly; they want to buy sensibly from brands they can trust. So here are five steps that you can take to prepare your B2B marketing activity for the difficult months that lie ahead for us all.

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What to do if you experience failure to launch.

by Michael Madden
13 Mar

If you work in a B2B sales or marketing role you will be familiar with the part that events play in your marketing mix. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID19) and government precautions we have seen an increase in event cancellations and/or postponements. 

All of the marketing/sales event plans we prepared for the new financial year are now at risk of being put back to the drawing board (or flushed down the toilet). We know that our clients rely on major events (OTC, OTC Asia, NACE etc.) to launch new products, generate new business opportunities and network with suppliers. So what are the options if you experience failure to launch?

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Should I hire a marketing agency or a marketing team?

by Michael Madden
03 Mar

Should you hire a marketing agency or expand your marketing team? When it comes to growing your business, this can be a tough call to make.

Now, as the Fifth Ring marketing manager, I'll confess to being a bit biased on the issue. However, having worked in-house and hiring marketing agencies over the course of my career, I've experienced the highs and lows of both options. 

So with that in mind, I'm going to get off my agency soapbox and give you an honest breakdown of the benefits of in-house and agency hiring. 

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How to Fill Your Empty Social Media Schedule

by Michael Madden
11 Dec

We've all been there before. A blank social media calendar with no ideas to fill it. So you type "social media marketing strategy" in google search and hope to find the creative spark that will help you produce killer content.

But, in reality, you'll be offered pages and pages of results all offering you the same thing. A downloadable template or calendar. This isn't going to change the game or help you stand out. Thousands of other marketers have just done the same thing. And, you are just adding to the growing list of crap. So don't waste your time. 

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5 ways to revamp your B2B social media accounts

by Michael Madden
22 Nov

Let's be honest, we have all started business social media channels with the best of intentions only to find ourselves struggling to keep up with the constant demand for content, engagement and growth.

Social media is a key factor in building your brand, but it can be hard to find the time needed to produce the required level of 'stuff' to fill the gaps. The year is now approaching its end so now could be the perfect time to revamp your social media accounts ahead of 2020. 

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The Big Exhibition is Over. Now What?

by Michael Madden
23 Sep

You did it. After months of designing your stand, sourcing branded stress balls and briefing your sales team, you've made it to the end of Offshore Europe. Now relax, the stress is over.

But don’t get too comfortable just yet. It's time to take a step back and reflect. How did your event planning go? What do you wish you did differently? Does your ROI look healthy?

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What the SEO cold callers don't tell you

by Michael Madden
15 Jul

Are we on the first page of Google? Have we made it to the top? How do we get there? Is our SEO strategy working? Does our digital marketing strategy convert to sales?

These are all questions that we are asked on a regular basis. But do you actually know the answers? 

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How to brief your sales team. Before you make an exhibition of yourself.

by Michael Madden
06 May


The only thing worse than having no sales team, is having a poorly briefed one, because they won’t make you any money, but they will cost you.

So, how do you build a sales team that is high impact?

The answer is properly briefing your sales person (or team) to ensure they are well equipped to have conversations with your prospects, articulate the value of your event, and close the sale.

A well-briefed sales team is the key to an effective exhibition.

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