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Negotiation: How compassion can decode emotion & unlock the deal

by Stevie Brown
24 Jun

Much like driving, most of us probably like to think we’re above average when it comes to negotiating. After all, negotiations are an essential part of business and many of us do it every day with our customers, suppliers, partners and even colleagues. But when the pressure is on and the stakes are high, negotiations can reach deadlock, misinterpretations can occur, conflict can spiral out of control and money can be left on the table.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations, Internal Communications, Sales team

How to engage participants during your video conferences

by Stevie Brown
31 Mar

With over a decade of broadcast experience, business manager Stevie Brown shares some insight from the world of entertainment, and how we can apply these principals to business video conference calls.  

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Topics: Team, Content, Internal Communications

How to communicate during a pandemic

by Stevie Brown
17 Mar

As billions of people around the globe try and establish how best to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, three fundamental factors are making communication with stakeholders difficult.

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Topics: Public Relations, Crisis Communcations, Strategy, Internal Communications

LinkedIn: Creating social influence

by Stevie Brown
16 Mar

LinkedIn is a busy place. Latest stats show that two million posts are made everyday. That means it’s all too easy for your key messaging to be swept away in the tidal wave of daily mediocre content. So how do you make sure that your message cuts through the masses and resonates with your audience?

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Topics: Public Relations, Social Media, Marketing Tips