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Chris Wolf

Business Development Manager - Fifth Ring Americas

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The Marketing Multiplier

by Chris Wolf
10 Jul

The real secrets of why companies with in-house marketing and
communications teams partner with agencies

Most small to mid-size businesses work with marketing and communications (a.k.a. marcomms) agencies on everything from sales campaigns to brand building. 

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Topics: Marketing, Strategy, digital marketing

Five tips to build connections and generate leads

by Chris Wolf
07 May

Whether you are attending OTC for the first time, or are an OTC veteran, you know from the moment you enter the showroom floor that your primary challenge is to rise above the noise (literally and figuratively). With tens of thousands of oil and gas professionals converging in one spot for a few days, how will you identify your target audience and make meaningful connections? We have some tips which we've used successfully over our 20+ years attending OTC. 

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Topics: exhibitions

Effective messaging that's relevant to your audience.

by Chris Wolf
22 Apr

When engaging in conversations that are meant to be persuasive or to influence your listener’s actions (for example, a sales pitch, an email campaign, or a call to action), your goal should be that your listener both receives and retains your message. The first step in achieving this is to tell them what they need or want to hear, not simply what you want to say. This is also true, and fundamentally more urgent, in a crisis communications situation. It’s human nature to more effectively receive information that is relevant and timely to us.

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Topics: Crisis Communcations, exhibitions, Marketing, Strategy