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5 Simple Ways to Boost the Impact of Marketing Automation Workflows

by HubSpot
02 Oct

We've talked about the basics of marketing automation workflows quite a few times before. If you're reading this post, you are probably already running a few workflows. So I'm not going to talk about how to get them started -- Instead, I want to talk about what to do after you've got a few workflows under your belt.

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The Marketing Multiplier

by Chris Wolf
27 Sep

The real secrets of why companies with in-house marketing and
communications teams partner with agencies

Most small to mid-size businesses work with marketing and communications (a.k.a. marcomms) agencies on everything from sales campaigns to brand building. 

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Topics: Marketing, Strategy, Digital Marketing

How to Use Email Newsletters to Boost Organic Search Traffic

by HubSpot
25 Sep

You may be asking yourself, “How can something usually stuck behind an inbox or a mailbox, have anything to do with driving organic traffic to my website?” To illustrate how this works, I will share a recent experience of my own.

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Topics: Strategy, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

The Big Exhibition is Over. Now What?

by Michael Madden
23 Sep

You did it. After months of designing your stand, sourcing branded stress balls and briefing your sales team, you've made it to the end of Offshore Europe. Now relax, the stress is over.

But don’t get too comfortable just yet. It's time to take a step back and reflect. How did your event planning go? What do you wish you did differently? Does your ROI look healthy?

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The Age of Earned

by Fifth Ring
19 Sep

This is the age of earned. In recent times, there has increasingly been more focus on digital marketing for owned and paid media with the ability to accurately measure the result of our campaigns. But with public relations moving at a greater pace than anyone else in marketing and communications – turbo charged by digital, our skills are more relevant than ever. But we need to move fast to take advantage!

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How to present, like a boss, to your Board

by Chris Wolf
18 Sep

Private Equity boards are comprised of individuals with a significant amount of wealth at risk, so naturally, their primary concern is the growth trajectory of the company in which they invested. Beyond that, by the time you are presenting to your board, they will have conducted all of their due diligence before the buyout, and are now focused on the ongoing operations of the business. They want to see a structured plan that is a mix of aspirational and realistic, as well as the concrete steps that will be taken to achieve that growth. 

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Why Copywriting in 2019 Doesn't Mean Shit

by Alan Stobie
16 Sep

I was on Linkedin earlier. No, I wasn’t looking for a new job. I was looking at a friend request from someone involved in a strategic business streamlining network who had ‘felt some synergies between our business methodologies’ and felt it was a great idea to link. I didn’t really feel the synergy. Really, I didn’t. In fact I don’t know what synergy feels like…a tingling sensation? An unrelenting calling? Hives?

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Offshore Europe - not a carbon copy of previous shows

by Andrew Bradshaw
13 Sep

The dust has now settled on Offshore Europe, the biennial exhibition and conference held in Aberdeen that brings together the global oil and gas industry, and it was a show that gave us much to consider.

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Topics: Energy Insight

The Great Audience Race

by Fifth Ring
19 Aug

As a rule, change happens more slowly than people predict but, in hindsight, more radically than industry expects. Technology has changed consumption to an extraordinary degree – the smartphone, since 2007, more than the laptop. It has interfered with times-of-day when media had impact (the morning commute, say) but it has also changed what is consumed: the volume of content we consume and its formats. Digital media encourages continuous – relentless – snacking because search and social media require that behaviour for their businesses to thrive.

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How to Use PR to Raise Brand Awareness Ahead of an Exhibition.

by Diana Bengea
15 Aug

Exhibitions, although expensive, are a great opportunity for our clients to meet current and potential customers, journalists and other stakeholders all in one place. 

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Topics: Public Relations, Exhibitions