April 27, 2017

OTC Houston 2017 - Insider’s Guide: 5 Best Spots in Houston to Take a Selfie

Posted by Stephanie Black
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Need a break from the whirlwind that is OTC? Venture out and take a selfie with one of these one-of-a-kind, quirky landmarks to send home to your friends and family!

  1. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park:

In the Galleria area, Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a must-see with a 64-foot tall

waterwall that circulates 11,000 gallons of water per minute!

2800 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056

  1. The Armadillo Palace - Goode Co.:

You might remember this giant armadillo from last year’s Insider’s Guide on the

Armadillo Palace, but we had to include it again as one of the Best Selfie Spots in

Houston. Fun fact: It used to be a DJ booth! Rumor has it, there are still green shag carpets and turn tables inside to prove it. Only in Texas…

5015 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77098

  1. Houston Is Inspired Mural:

This graffiti wall is in the heart of downtown Houston. It’s easy to get to and makes for a classic Houston selfie. After the selfie, we recommend going to one of the many

“hip,” “tasty,” “funky” and “inspired” restaurants in this square.

907 Preston St.
Houston, TX 77002 

  1. American Statesmanship Park:

Where else can you find enormous statues of presidents heads? Okay, Mount

Rushmore, but these president heads are still pretty

impressive. They’re off the beaten path, but these are a must-see. Bonus: You can also find some enormous statues of a few others here, like The Beatles and Charlie Chaplin.

1400 Elder St.
Houston, TX 77007

  1. Buffalo Bayou Burp:

The Buffalo Bayou is an attraction in itself with 10 miles of trails along the slow-moving Buffalo Bayou running right through downtown. You can always find Houstonians jogging, biking, kayaking and much more, but you rarely see someone pressing the hidden button to make the bayou “burp.” See the clip above to learn more!

Half the fun is finding this secret location.